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Pentecost 23, Series A, 2020 Matthew 25.1-13


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”   This parable from Jesus is terrifying. It’s like a nightmare. The one thing you’re looking forward to passes you by because you weren’t ready.   You know how this works, right? I was talking to a pastor friend of mine this week, and he […]

Pentecost 18, Series A, 2020 Matthew 21.33-46


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ Jesus’ parable is a timely reminder of what we have. Jesus’ parable makes one thing clear: God didn’t give us the good news of Jesus so that we could sit on it. That’s how we have a tendency to act–as if the good news of Jesus is like a life insurance policy: you […]

Pentecost 16, Series A, 2020 Matthew 20.1-16


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ It’s hard to rejoice in the generosity of God when you’re worried about keeping score.   And everyone seems to be keeping score anymore. David Zahl has this insightful little book called Seculosity. He points out that there’s this thing called virtue signaling. Virtue signaling is when you go out of your way to signal that […]

Pentecost 11, Series A, 2020 Matthew 15.21-28


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ Just because we struggle doesn’t mean we should stop hoping in God. Just because we can’t always see God’s goodness doesn’t mean God has turned his back on us.   The way life goes, sometimes, it’s easy to think that God is cold and distant and just doesn’t care.   You know, like when you can’t […]

Pentecost 10, Series A, 2020 Matthew 14.22-33


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ We tend to put the worst construction on life, as if whoever or whatever is calling the shots is always out to get us. Whenever something bad happens to us, or whenever we struggle in life, we tend to moan that nothing good ever happens to me and I shouldn’t expect anything different.   You […]

Pentecost 9, Series A, 2020 Matthew 14.13-21


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ “They need not go away; you give them something to eat.” When Jesus spoke those words, he was talking to his disciples. But I can’t help but think this has something to do with us too. I can’t help but think that we’re implicated in all of this. “They need not go […]

Pentecost 7, Series A, 2020 Matthew 13; Romans 8


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ It might not look like it now, but the good work God has started in Jesus will come to fruition. It might not look like it now. By all appearances it might seem like this world is out of God’s control, random and chaotic; it might seem like God’s plans in Jesus have been scrapped […]

Pentecost 5, Series A, 2020 Matthew 11:25-30


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ God has us right where he wants us. I know, it probably doesn’t seem that way. It probably doesn’t seem like God is working for our good. It seems more like everything is coming undone.   The coronavirus is surging again. You know, I remember back in March and April we […]

The Resurrection of Our Lord, 2020 Matthew 28:1-10

Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ There’s something final about Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. For one, the resurrection is the final word on Jesus. At first, Jesus’ death seemed to be the final word. Jesus and the Pharisees, chief priests, and elders had been at it for some time. Jesus claimed to be God’s Son, […]