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Lent 5, Series B, 2021 Mark 10.32-45


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ The true treasures of the church are people—people who have no worldly value whatsoever, people who provide no personal benefit or leg up in the world, people who have nothing to offer but their need. Martin Luther says that the rule and reign of God merits us. In other words, people are […]

Lent 2, Series B, 2021 Mark 8.27-38


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ Jesus is not the one we would pick. Jesus is not the guy we would look to win the day. He’s not the one we would rally behind.   If we had to pick someone to get behind and rally around, it would probably be someone who could shout everyone else […]

The Transfiguration of Our Lord, Series B, 2021 Mark 9:2–9


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ The glory and splendor of baptism is hard to see sometimes. After all, baptism doesn’t keep us from suffering and struggle. We all know firsthand that it doesn’t. Instead, the magnificence of baptism is hidden behind weakness, suffering, and sacrifice. But that water and the Words of our Lord, they […]

Epiphany 5, Series B, 2021 Mark 1.29-39


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ The bible is the historical record of God’s mighty deeds. It’s the written witness to God and his interactions with his creation. And Peter’s no-account mother in-law made it into the bible. Here she is in the cosmic story of what God is doing in and with the world. Wherever in all […]

Advent 2, Series B, 2020 Mark 1.1-8


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ In our gospel reading today we hear about John the Baptist. The New Testament doesn’t talk much about John the Baptist—only a few short passages. But John plays an important role. John is like a siren, or a flashing red sign, or an emergency alarm going off. He is standing […]