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Christmas 1, Series B, 2020 Luke 2.22-40

Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ The First Sunday After Christmas is good to hear from Simeon in Luke chapter 2. It’s good because the First Sunday After Christmas can seem like a letdown, like the highpoint of our Christmas celebration has come and gone. For weeks we prepared, and then finally the climax of our celebration: Christmas […]

Advent 4, Series B, 2020 Luke 1.26-38


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ Christmas isn’t about us as much as it’s about the love of God. If Mary makes anything clear, it’s that Christmas isn’t about us, our status, our accomplishments, or our success. It’s about the gracious and abundant love of God.  There are things in life that make us stop and […]

Third Sunday of Easter, Series A, 2020 Luke 24:13-35

Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ Every Sunday we confess in the creed that Jesus rose again according to the Scriptures. We don’t just say that Jesus rose again. We add that he rose according to the Scriptures, just like the Scriptures said he would. It’s a little phrase that’s easy to overlook. But we shouldn’t […]