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Advent 1, Series B, 2020 Isaiah 64.1-9


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ Finally, Advent is here! We can stop pretending that we’re okay. We can stop pretending that with a little hard work and determination we can right the ship. We can stop pretending that we can make it work out if we just try harder or elect the right people or if our side wins. We […]

Pentecost 20, Series A, 2020 Isaiah 45.1-7


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ Don’t worry, no matter who wins the election, God is in charge.   It’s easy to worry right now that the world is spinning out of God’s control, and that the future is hanging by a thread. After all, it seems like there’s so much at stake in this year’s election. […]

Pentecost 19, Series A, 2020 Isaiah 25.6-9


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ Today is a day to rejoice and be glad.   I know, the way life has been going lately, today probably doesn’t seem like a day to rejoice and be glad. It’s 2020 after all. And while we may be looking forward to rejoicing and being glad in 2021 or 2022 […]